Derby Day

Everyone remember that Derby Day is next Thursday!! Remember to wear Derby Day shirts and socks, and get ready to run! Try to get as many laps as possible! Have a great day!!!


                                                             By : Alyssa

Spring Spectacular

          After the Spring Spectacular delay, Longview Farm put on an amazing show. From ensembles to solos, this was probably the best show yet. The most emotional part in the show was during 5th and 6th Grades “American Tears” when all the veterans came up to be recognized as part of the show. In the end, the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and Stallion Singers sang “God Bless the U.S.A. In conclusion, the Spring Spectacular was a re-scheduled success.

By: Quin

Spring Spectacular Postponed

Spring Spectacular postponed. Recently there was severe weather. The snow day on Monday was not  what we needed. We want to give our best preformance and since we put on such good shows every year is why we needed to postpone LFE’S Spring Spectacular. The date will be emailed to you shortly.

 By: Frannie C.



Officer Stubbs at LFE Helping 6th Graders to Say No to Drugs

Officer Matt Stubbs of the Lee’s Summit Police Department is meeting regularly with Sixth Graders on Thursday afternoons during this semester to provide insight and information about the hazards of drugs and tabacco use.  Weekly, he engages with the students and leads various discussions.  We appreciate his efforts to D.A.R.E. students to stay drug and tabacco free!


The Dirt Diggers – A New Year

 Recently, the Longview Farm Dirt Diggers have split into groups, and are planning a garden. There are 8 groups and 8 garden beds. The teams each have about six members, a tribe name, and a theme for their garden. Some of the names are the Imagine Dragon Fruits, the Peoples, and the Garden Growers. They also have a study topic, which they will use to talk about to the classes around the building. Also, the Chili Peppers won a little treat. Their team will put together a mini greenhouse, which they will put together and it will be sitting in the library. That is ultimately what the Garden Club is doing right now.

  By: Quin

LFE and SLMS Archery

This years LFE and Summit Lake’s Middle School archery participates have been working their tails off to try and make the team. The teams, once tryouts are complete, will consist of 24 archers and 2 alternates. They have already completed two out of the three tryouts. The last tryout is this Saturday February 1st, 2014. Archery lines are running all day and conclude in the late afternoon. We should have a follow up  paragraph of who made the top 24 archers. Good luck to everyone trying out!

Cup Stacking at LFE

Longview Farm has recently been inducted into the Guinness World Record Book. We helped break the record for most people cup- stacking in a day. It was a world wide event and our school participated. Last years record was 483,658 stackers worldwide. This years record was broken with 555,932 stackers. On March 29-30, there will be a tournament at Crown Center in Kansas City, MO. Congratulations to LFE and good luck to everyone at the tournament.

By: Katherine & Quin

6th Grade D.A.R.E Program

Have you ever participated in D.A.R.E? Sixth Grade began the D.A.R.E program a few weeks ago. D.A.R.E stands for Drug,  Abuse, Resistance, and Education. Recently Officer Stubbs has started coming every Thursday and will come every Thursday until D.A.R.E Graduation. To participate in the graduation you have to…

  • Complete your handbook

  • Have good attendance

  • Demonstrate good behavior

  • Keep your body free from drugs

  • Write a D.A.R.E report

D.A.R.E is provided by COMBAT. COMBAT funds for over 10,000 students in Jackson County. The 6th grade is looking forward to graduating this Spring and we will also be adding photos A.S.A.P.