What’s That Sound???

What’s that sound?  Is it the creak of a door?  Were those strange footsteps down the hall?  BOO!  The Sixth Graders at LFE providing eerie images through the annual writing project, Scary Stories.  Mr. Lanier loves to assign this opportunity to generate creative thinking among the students in the tradition of Edgar Allen Poe.  When students have finished their stories in class, Mr. Lanier, Mrs. Nonnemaker and Mr. Willis will select the five best stories from each class.  On Halloween, after their field trip to the bowling alley, the selected authors will conduct special outloud readings of their stories in a darken classroom.  So, if you are interested in a fright or two on Halloween, head on down to Sixth Grade!

American Royal Visit by First Grade

Recently, the First Grade taveled to the American Royal Rodeo in Kansas City at Kemper Arena.  The entire grade level had a great time and lots of fun.  Some of the events at the American Royal included bucking broncos, bull riding and barrel racing.  They also saw a group saw “Double Trouble” – two twin sisters and a younger sister did special trick riding on horses.  Every First Grader we interviewed said Double Trouble was their favorite act in the rodeo.  Yahooooo to First Grade and their special field trip sponsored in part by the Long Family Foundation.

By Frannie and Lauren

Stallion Leader New Recruits

At LFE Mrs.Heath, the school counselor, organizes a group called “Stallion Leaders”. Stallion Leaders are fifth and sixth grade students who help kids organize, express their feelings and much more. The group has been going on for four years. The participants in Stallion Leaders are chosen at the end of fourth grade from teacher  recommendations. The kids are also chosen by teachers seeing their leadership qualities. Once a student is recruited and agrees to be in this wonderful club they are assigned a triage buddy who they meet with on a regular basis to help and support. About every two weeks, the Stallion Leaders meet with Mrs. Heath and discuss how well they feel they are doing and how well the buddy believes that the Stallion Leader is doing assisting him/her. Congratulations to the newest members of this outstanding club and good luck!!

By: Jillian and Katherine

2nd Grade

In second grade, kids are hard at work.  The just finished a major project, bedroom maps! This project required kids to create a map of their own bedroom. They are also learning about communitive and associative numbers. They recently participated in the play The Unity Tree. A round of applause for our second grade friends. Great job guys!!!

The Man Who Loved Clowns

The Fifth Grade students have been reading their second book of the year. The Man Who Loved Clowns is a very tragic story that involves sadness, and kindness. For a project, they made a colorful backround for a nice character trait poem related to the story. The Fifth Graders have hung their projects in the hallways. All in all, the Fifth graders are reading an inspiring book and have created some wonderful poems to go with it.

By: Quin and AriIMG_0153[1]


A Walk About…to LFE

Today, LFE stallions with family and friends celebrated “National Walk To School” Day by putting their best foot forward as they came to school this morning.  Dr. R had organized various starting points in the different neighborhoods  surrounding LFE.  At those places, faculty members from LFE as team leaders were joined by students, parents and others to begin the trek to school.  It was a beautiful day to celebrate this event.  A big thanks to all of the staff who helped to lead the way and those staff members who were holding entry signs up at the school.  It was a great way to start the school day!