Let’s Go LFE Archery Team!

    Tomorrow Saturday March 23 the LFE Archery Team will hopefully hit a bullseye at the state tournament in Warrensburg. The team is going up against over hundreds of young archers like themselves from all over the state of Missouri. They have been preparing for this tournament for months now under the great coaching of Mr. Steve Lanier. The team is extremely excited and ready to score big time. If the archers do well in this tournament, they will have a chance to go to Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky. So good luck LFE archers! To be continued……

By : Kennedy

Leaders At LFE

    Stallion Leaders are students who are good role models and show that they are willing to help out. This year’s group is doing a phenomenal job. Mrs. Heath assigns the leaders to a children who need help with organization, a listening ear or just needs a helping hand. A few of the kids we interviewed who are leaders say it’s a great way to help others. The kids get to tell the leaders how their day went and if they are happy, sad , or frustrated.  The leaders even take time out of their day to go visit the kids and be like a big buddy to them! Thank you, Stallion Leaders what a great way to carry on the legacy of  Loula Long Combs and her kindness.

By : Kennedy

Spring Spectacular

         2012-2013 Spring Spectacular was on Wednesday March 6th, 2013. 1st,3rd, 5th, and Stallion Singers were featured during the preformance. 1st grade sang many songs including ” The Bunny Hop”. 3rd grade sang songs like “Tomorrow” from the movie “Annie”. 5th grade sang “Singin’ in the Rain”. 5th and 6th graders did an ensemble singing “Walking on Sunshine”. The 3rd grade ensemble sang “Lets go Fly a Kite”, considering that it is almost spring. 1st grade ensemble sang “Creepy Crawly Bugs”. At the very begining, the Stallion Singers sang “Turn the Lights On” to open up the show.  LFE staff members  really were rockin’ with “Rockin Robin” as part of the show.

The finale was in honor of former LFE student, Ally Ross who lost a brave battle with cancer a couple of years ago.  Ally was one of the leads in the Spring Spectacular when this show first was first performed in 2006. Everyone sang “Over the Rainbow”. Jessica Haney and Taylor Robinson did short shows between songs. Overall, the Spring Spectacular was a big hit.  Bravo to Mrs. Roark and the LFE students who put on the show!

By Quin & Alyssa

Soaring For Success

 Spring Break at Longview Farm is heading off to a soaring start! On March 8, 2013 LFE’s spirit team put together an assembly. The assembly included giving out an Artsonia award, an Irish dancer and Sports Kid Of The Year Award video. It shows that we all have special gifts After Spring Break, the LFE students will be kicking off the fourth, and last, quarter of the school year.


by Katherine & Kennedy