Holiday Song with the Stallion Singers

On Thursday, December 13th at Independence Center, the Stallion Singers under the direction of Mrs. Nancy Roark brought some holiday cheer to the busy shoppers with song.  Following a performance of  several songs, the students were treated to a bonus of a little time for some holiday shopping of their own.  It was a great way to extend the holiday spirit out into the community.  Bravo Stallion Singers and Mrs. Roark!

What a Sweet Season!

Sixth graders have been leading the sweet life as they have learned about perimeter and area in math.  Working in teams, under the direction of sixth grade teachers, Mrs. Nonnemaker, Mr. Willis and Mr. Lanier, sixth grade students collaborated to draw original designs for gingerbread houses to scale.  Once the designs were approved, construction began on the houses.  The fragrance of graham crackers, icing and sweets filled the sixth grade halls and classrooms for the past week or so.  Upon completion of the construction phase, all teams shared their projects and put them on display in the front hall of LFE.  Dollars for Dreams cups were placed in front of each house and everyone was encouraged to “vote” for the best house with coins.  This projects was a win-win all the way around in this holiday season. 



One School One Spirit Big Change

 This year the Stallion Ambassdors’ charitable goal was a big one!  Helping kids and their families in Lee’s Summit to have a brighter holiday season, is the mission of student council during this season. Posters were made for Dollars for Dream and placed around the school.  On November 27th, students and staff were encouraged to put extra coins and change into buckets that were in each class.  Money was collect over the past two weeks.  More than $2000 dollars for dreams was raised.  Stallion Ambassadors with sponsors, Mrs. Huber and Mrs. Wimberly went to Walmart yesterday, Thursday December 13 and went on a shopping spree buying gifts for the kids/families in need.  The Ambassadors did a great job of budgeting and there was money also for various food and gift cards also.  Dollars for Dreams really showed that One School, One Spirit can create a BIG CHANGE !

                  by Frannie  

Can You Dig It?

  Garden Club is off and running. With teachers like Miss Christians, Mrs. Noble, Miss Tomlin, Mrs. Hayes, and Mrs. Hornyan helping, you know its going to be a fun club. This year there are over thirty students in the club.  The members have been divided into garden “tribes”.  With names like the “Red Tomatoes” and “The Garden Growers”, each tribe is taking ownership of a specific bed in the garden.  Several club session were spent weeding, harvesting and mulching the grounds. The kids have fully “winterized” the garden plots. The kids harvested brussel sprouts, cabbage and herbs during the fall . At some point,  Chef Tim Griffin from JBean’s Gathering Place in New Longview will be coming to visit the gardeners and teaching them about how to prepare some vegetables. The tribes will be figuring out what to plant in their beds during the winter months.  So I ask you again , can you dig it?

by Katherine & Quin

LFE Community Garden

Our garden plots are ready for the winter

Merrily We Write Along

A few of the Santa letters


     First graders at LFE are merrily writing letters to Santa. They are learning about parts of a letter with this activity. They also are having a little fun. They are writing to Santa what they would like for Christmas! They even are sending the letters to the North Pole. A few presents the first graders want are Nerf Guns, Barbie Dolls and footballs. This is obviously one merry way to learn and have fun!

                                                                   by: Kennedy



         Kindergarten has been learning alot the past few weeks at LFE. For this particular holiday season, they are making  secret projects. Kindergarteners are comparing  two gingerbread books during December. Last week they were rhyming with their 4th grade buddies. Recently they were on the letters V and W in the alphabet. Some more things they are doing are learning about patterns and shapes. That’s what the kindergarteners have been achieving.

by Frannie & Alyssa

Funny Faces in Mrs. Park’s Class


LFE Has Heart

Over the past few weeks, LFE student raised money to help prevent heart disease.  Kids all over the nation, jumped rope in their schools for this important cause.  At LFE, on November 27, students jumped rope and other high cardio activities during their “specials” period.  Lots of money was raised by our school.  A big thanks to Ms. Tomlin for organizing it. For information about heart disease, you can go to